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ר The Sun
Glory, gain, riches, triumph, pleasure, frankness, truth, shamelessness, arrogance, vanity, manifestation, recovery from sickness, but sometimes sudden death.


The Sun

The Lord of the Fire of the World

The Card of "The Sun" represents the Influence of Chokmah or the Star Universe upon Tiphereth.

The old G.D. description may again be quoted, but how different it appears when the card is in its proper place. "The Sun has twelve principal rays which represent the Zodiac (Chokmah), these are divided into 36 Decanates, and again into seventy-two Quinaries. Thus the Sun itself embraces the whole Creation in its rays. The Seven Hebrew Yods falling through the Air refer to the Solar Influence descending. The Two Children, standing respectively upon Water and Earth, represent the Generating influence of both, brought into action by the Rays of the Sun.
They are the two inferior and passive elements, as the Sun and Air above them are the superior and active elements of Fire and Air. Furthermore these two Children resemble the Sign of Gemini.
Now, if we place the "Key" in position on its proper Path, glancing for a moment at the complete diagram of the Paths, we shall be able to draw some further conclusions.

The Sun, as a Star from the Sphere of Chokmah, is seen descending to take up his Office in Tiphereth, as the Son of the Father.
The symbolism of the Sun shows the corrected division of Time according to the Precession of the Equinoxes, viz.: the Osirian calculation of the 365 ¼ days in the Year, instead of 365 according to the Sut-Typhonians whose calculations were made by the Dog-Star.

Gerald Massey states "There is an Egyptian legend which relates how Osiris in the 365th year of his reign came from Nubia accompanied by Horus to chase the Sut-Typhonians out of Egypt. By this we may understand that the perfect Solar Year of 365 ¼ days was made to supersede the Sun and Sirius Year of 365 days. In the battle for supremacy Horus was aided by Taht, the Lord of the luni-solar reckonings."

The two Children, or Twins, represent the twin theories, and also the Horus Twins, and the Two Traditions, which resolve themselves in Tiphereth. Also the Wall of Red with its Blue Top represents the Barrier and the Waters of Death. The Path attributed to the Key "Death" is that from Chesed to Geburah, and it crosses this Path of "The Sun."

Again the Twins appear on the Path of Gemini, which runs from Tiphereth to Hod.

Rider's Pack shows a different symbolism. The Sun and Wall appear as before, but the Twins are replaced by a Child on a White Horse. This is the Crowned Child, the Son of the Sun, who has overcome Death and is the ruler of this Aeon. Chokmah is the Root of Fire and this Card is called "The Lord of the Fire of the World" showing the Sun as representative of the Star Universe while ruling the World or Malkuth the Tenth Sephira.

This is the Path of the Tradition of Light.