Double loop in the Zodiac

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ר The Sun
Glory, gain, riches, triumph, pleasure, frankness, truth, shamelessness, arrogance, vanity, manifestation, recovery from sickness, but sometimes sudden death.


The Sun

The Lord of the Fire of the World

Resh is its pronunciation and means a Head.

The Sun is attributed to this Path, and all the symbols are clearly solar. Ra, Helios, Apollo, and Surya are all gods of the solar disk.

Its title is "The Collecting Intelligence". Yellow is the colour given to Resh; Cinnamon and Olibanum are its perfumes - obviously solar; the Lion and the Sparrow hawk are its animals. Gold is the appropriate metal; the Sunflower, Heliotrope, and Laurel being its plants. Crysoleth is its jewel, suggesting the golden colour of the Sun.

The Tarot card XIX -The Sun, corresponds beautifully. It seems extraordinarily difficult to believe that some writers on the Qabalah attribute this card to the letter Qoph. The card depicts a blazing sun above the Crowned and Conquering Child Horus, who rides triumphantly on a White Horse-the symbol of the Kalki Avatara. In the background of the card are several sunflowers, which again point to the solar nature of the allocation.