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ש The Last Judgement
Final decision in respect of the past, new current in respect of the future; always represents the taking of a definite step.


The Last Judgement

The Spirit of the Primal Fire

We may now examine the Path from Kether to Tiphereth, that of the Influence of the Supreme and Concealed Father of All becoming Manifested in the Son in whom Glory and Suffering are identical.

This, by Tarot, is the Card called "Judgment", attributed to the Letter SHIN, the true Fire of the Spirit, and the progenitor of the Sun behind the Sun. This is the equilibrated Triple Flame of the Supreme Godhead, the Winged Globe of the Three Supernals, the Head of the Staff of the Universal Mercury, the Absolute Reason of All Things.

The Influence of this Path causes the Dead to rise from their tombs in the Resurrection of the pure Spirit and the Regeneration of Matter. It passes through the Path of "The Star" as the Child of Chokmah and Binah which overcomes Death. It is the Path of the Ever-living One coming into Manifestation, it represents the Absolute and Universal Tradition of the Golden Age. It is called the Card of "Perpetual Intelligence" because it "regulateth the motions of the Sun and Moon (Tiphereth and Yesod) in their proper Order, each in an orbit convenient to it" (--Sepher Yetzirah).

The Paths of "The Sun" and "Devil" merely suggest man's attempts to discover the true Motions and Order of the Universe, and to translate them into Time. This Path actually regulates these motions, therefore suggests, perhaps, the true calculation of the Course of the whole Solar System round the invisible Center of All.

It is said in the Old G.D. Ritual: "This card is a glyph of the powers of fire. The Angel crowned with the Sun is Michael, the Ruler of the Solar Fire. The Serpents which leap in the Rainbow are symbols of the Fiery Seraphim. The Trumpet represents the influence of the Spirit descending upon Binah (this according to my opinion should be Tiphereth), the Banner and Cross refer to the rivers of Paradise. But in this Card we are able to trace the symbolism of the Divine Breath of Kether, not whispering the Work in Chokmah, but coming to us through the Trumpet of the Sun, ever proclaiming the Brightness of the Lord and Giver of Life to all men. And this Trumpet is the Horn that is exhalted for ever.

The Path combines the Mysteries of the Death and Resurrection as shown in "The Sun"; and the Erection and Re-erection of "The Devil" with the Generation and Regeneration of the Spirit.
As shown in "Q. B. L.," Shin represents the Roots of the Elements, the essences of Kether, Chokmah and Binah, concentrated in Tiphereth. It also represents "Number," the first of the Three Creative Sepharim of the Sepher Yetzirah.