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ש The Last Judgement
Final decision in respect of the past, new current in respect of the future; always represents the taking of a definite step.


The Last Judgement

The Spirit of the Primal Fire

Shin means a Tooth, probably with reference to a three-pronged molar.

Fire is its Yetsiratic element.

The implication of this Path is that of the Holy Spirit descending in tongues of fire-reminding one of the Apostles of Christ at Pentecost-and all its attributions are fiery. Agni is the Hindu God of Tejas, the tattva or element of fire. Hades is the Greek god of the fiery nether regions, as also are Vulcan and Pluto. Its Egyptian gods denote fiery elemental divinities, Thoum-sesh-neith, Kabeshunt, and Tarpesheth.

Its plants are the Red Poppy and Hibiscus. Knowing the above attributions one well understands and feels the plaintive cry of the poet: "Crown me with poppy and hibiscus". The jewel of this Path is the fire Opal, and its perfumes Olibanum and all fiery odours. The Sepher Yetsirah title is "The Perpetual Intelligence".

The Tarot correspondence is XX -The Last Judgment, showing the Angel Gabriel blowing a trumpet, bearing a banner on which is a red cross. The dead break open their tombs, and stand erect, looking upwards, directing their arms in prayer to the Angel.