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פ The Blasted Tower
Quarrel, combat, danger, ruin, destruction of plans, sudden death, escape from prison.


The Blasted Tower

The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty

The Path from Binah, the Primal Mother, to Geburah the Sphere of Mars, is by Tarot "The Blasted Tower" and it is attributed to the Planet Mars.

Here we see another aspect of Horus as the God of War and Vengeance.

The G.D. Ritual says: "It represents a Tower struck by a lightning flash proceeding from a rayed circle and terminating in a triangle.
It is the Tower of Babel. The flash exactly forms the Astronomical Symbol of Mars. It is the power of the Triad (concentrated in Binah, 3) rushing down and destroying the Column of Darkness (the Pillar of Severity, also the Dark Tradition). The men falling from the Tower represent the fall of the Kings of Edom. On the Right Hand side of the Tower is Light and the representation of the Tree of Life by Ten Circles, on the Left Hand is Darkness, and eleven Circles symbolizing the Qliphoth.

Here the tradition of Light and Darkness is clearly indicated.

The fall of the Tower of Babel resulted in the loss of the Universal Language, since when confusion has prevailed. The Sons of Darkness for a time retrogressed, while the followers of the Tradition of Light were advancing.

This is the result of the Positive and Negative Currents from the "Path of Saturn" through Binah the Dark Sphere.