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פ The Blasted Tower
Quarrel, combat, danger, ruin, destruction of plans, sudden death, escape from prison.


The Blasted Tower

The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty

The meaning of Peh is a "Mouth". The reader will note that it is by shape similar to Kaph, meaning the hollow of the hand, with the addition of a little tongue or Yod. It is the third of the Reciprocal Paths.

Its Yetsiratic title is "The Natural Intelligence".

Its astrological attribution is Mars, and therefore this Path repeats to a large extent the attributions of the sphere of Geburah, although on a less spiritual plane. Horus, the hawk-headed Lord of Strength, Mentu, the God of War of the Egyptians; Ares and Mars of the Greeks and Romans, and all other warrior gods, are the deity attributions. Krishna, as the charioteer to the Kurukshetra battle, is the Hindu correspondence. Odin, too, was portrayed in the Norse myths as a War god, and sent the Valkyries to welcome the fallen heroes to the festive halls of Valhalla. Anderson in his Norse Mythology says that the Valkyries "are the handmaidens of Odin, and the God of War sends his thoughts and his will to the carnage of the battlefield in the form of mighty armed women, in the same manner as he sends his ravens all over the earth ".

Its metal is Iron, its animals the Bear and Wolf, its jewels the Ruby and any other red stone; its plants Rue, Pepper, and Absinthe; its perfumes Pepper and all pungent odours, and its colour Red.

The Tarot card appropriate is XVI -The Tower, the upper part of which is shaped like a crown. It is alternately called The House of God, and its subsidiary title is "The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty". The card illustrates the Tower being struck by a vivid zig-zag flash of lightning which has demolished the top, and red tongues of flame lick the three windows from which two figures have jumped.

This letter has, with the letter Caph, particular reference to a magical formula which is admirably suited to the grade of Adeptus Major.