Double loop in the Zodiac

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צ The Emperor
War, conquest, victory, strife, ambition, originality, overweening confidence and megalomania, quarrelsomeness, energy, vigour, stubbornness, impracticability, rashness, ill-temper.


The Emperor

The Son of the Morning,
chief among the Mighty

The influence of Mars, passing through Geburah, the Sphere of Mars and of Severity, is transmitted to Tiphereth by the Path of Aries, or "The Emperor."

Aries is Ruled by Mars and is the House of the Exaltation of the Sun.

The Ram or Lamb was sacrificed as a substitute for Man, so this path represents "Substitution" as that of Pisces, on the opposite side, represents "Reflection."
Both are partial truths.

This Path also transmits the "Personal Will" of Geburah to Tiphereth. When the Personal Will is substituted for the Divine or True Will trouble arises.

In Tiphereth, The Heart, both the Personal and True Wills are harmonized, or apparently so. Aries and Pisces are seen with the Sun, or Tiphereth, as reconciler between them, as in the beginning of the Great Cycle, with the Sun in His Natural place, unaffected by the Precession of the Equinoxes.

In this position the Jupiter-Ammonian, and the Sut-Typhonian controversy is temporarily harmonized.