Double loop in the Zodiac

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ד The Empress
Love, beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, completion, good fortune, graciousness, elegance, luxury, idleness, dissipation, debauchery, friendship, gentleness, delight.


The Empress

The Daughter of the Mighty Ones

The Path from Netzach to Malkuth is that of the "Empress" and of Venus.

She represents the Love which regenerates the Kingdom when properly understood.

The key shows her crowned with the Diadem of Stars. She Transmits the Understanding of the Great Mother. (So long misunderstood and thought of as the unmated and despised Woman of the Dark Sphere).

Hers is the Path of Mysticism and Devotion, and of those who would be absorbed in the Absolute.

She Represents the Great Mother upon Earth and is the Influence within every mother who knows Herself to be a Star.