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ע The Devil
Blind impulse, irresistibly strong and unscrupulous, ambition, temptation, obsession, secret plan about to be executed; hard work, obstinacy, rigidity, aching discontent, endurance.


The Devil

The Lord of the Gates of Matter.
The Child of the Forces of Time

We may now examine the Path from Binah to Tiphereth which is represented by "The Devil" and the Sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn from whose Sphere it springs.

This Key is called "The Lord of the Gates of Matter, the Child of the Forces of Time," and it represents the Birth of Matter from the Great Sea, or Mother, the One Substance. This is the Way of the Children of Time, Saturn or Kronus. It is the Path of the Tradition of Darkness, the twin-brother of Light, of Lucifer, the Satanic Saviour who Fell from Heaven. This gave birth to the idea of the Sun as the Devil or Satan, for it represents the Sun in his material aspect, the Red Disk of Atum.

The Key shows the Twins chained by Time, while those of the "Sun" Card are Free, since they receive the influence of the Divine Will from Chokmah. The Italian Pack clearly shows The Devil standing upon the Sun, and so does Levi.

This is the Card of Ayin, the Eye. It represents the Eye doctrine rather than that of the Head or Heart.
The Sut-Typhonian calculation of Time was incorrect in representing the Year by 365 days.
Notice in this card there is also a Wall, but the color symbolism is reversed. This again indicates the Wall of "Death" whose path this one crosses in the same manner as that of the Sun on the opposite side of the Tree.
This Path of "The Devil" represents the Sut-Typhonian tradition of Set or Satan, as its ruler was afterwards called.
The Path of "The Sun" represents the tradition of the Jupiter-Ammonians with Horus as its ruler. Horus of the Star is the reconciler between them.