Double loop in the Zodiac

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ס Temperence
Combination of forces, realization, action based on accurate calculation; the way of escape, success after elaborate manoeuvres.



The Daughter of the Reconcilers,
the Bringer-Forth of Life

The Key to the Influence between Chokmah and Chesed is called "Temperance" and is attributed to the Sign Sagittarius.

A Figure is seen pouring fluid from one urn to another. It represents "Preservation," as opposed to the "Destruction" of the Path of the "Blasted Tower" on the opposite side, while the equilibrated Path in the Center is that of "Creation" and "Regeneration" as before noticed.

Sagittarius is the Sign symbolized by the Archer who is half man, half horse. The Horse is said to be the gift to man of the Goddess of Wisdom, viz.: Chokmah.
This Sign is Ruled by Jupiter and it receives the Influence of the Path of IU-PATER through Chokmah. It is also connected directly with the Sphere of Jupiter or Chesed. This gives us some indication of the dual-symbolism of the Forces of Life in the two Urns held by the figure on the Card. We may also glimpse some idea of the Ascending and Descending Arrows of the AA or IU. Again we have the ascent and descent of the Wheel of Life or Zodiac which revolves, so to speak, as Chokmah, between the two Jupiterial influences

The Figure is clothed in Red and Blue, for Chokmah is the "Root of Fire" and Chesed the "Sphere of Water." It stands on Water, or Chesed, but the Robe immediately above the Water is Red, for Sagittarius is a Fiery Sign.

In Rider's Pack we actually see a "Path and a Sun" to the left of the Figure, just where the Path of the Sun comes in this arrangement. The Sign of Fire is on the Breast of the Figure, above which is faintly seen the Hebrew IHVH, the Word of the Father, Chokmah.