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נ Death
Transformation, change, voluntary or involuntary, in either case logical development of existing conditions, yet perhaps sudden and unexpected. Apparent death or destruction, but such interpretation is illusion.



The Child of the Great Transformers.
The Lord of the Gate of Death

The Reciprocal Path from Chesed, Mercy, to Geburah, Severity, is that of "Death" the Great Transformer.

The Sign Scorpio is its Yetziratic attribution, and this is Ruled by Mars the Destroyer.

Death is both the enemy and the friend in one, for in truth there is no "death," but only a "Change of Life."

The Card shows a Skeleton with a scythe, he is cutting down heads (one of which is crowned) but they "rise again" as soon as he passes over them, for the Influences of the Paths of "Resurrection," "Regeneration," and "Re-erection" all play upon this one.

The Path of Shin, equilibrating Light and Darkness, rules over all, for this Path is that of the Influence of IU the Ever-coming Son, the true Horus whose appearance in Aries is as the Lamb, in Pisces as the Fish, or in the earlier Signs as The Lion, The Beetle, The Twins, or the Bull.