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ם The Hanged Man
Enforced sacrifice, punishment, loss, fatal or voluntary, suffering, defeat, failure, death.


The Hanged Man

The Spirit of the Mighty Waters

This is the Path of "The Hanged Man" attributed to the Letter Mem, and the Element Water.

It refers to "Writing" as the second Sepharim, and by means of Written Tradition have the true mysteries been transmitted, even thought the "writer" may never have been recognized or known to men.

Here we see a figure of a Man suspended by one foot from a gallows, his head and arms forming a triangle, above which his legs form a cross. He is the Sun of the Sun, bringing down the Light as far as Yesod, the Subconscious Mind of Humanity.

His body is reversed, as if reflected in the Waters, his Head is surrounded by Glory, the reflection of Tiphereth and Kether. His Head is thus in Yesod, the Sphere of the Moon which reflects the Sun upon the Earth, or Malkuth. The shape of the Figure in Rider's Pack perfectly symbolizes this position on the Tree.

His is the power of the Redeeming Love, usually considered as self-sacrifice, but more truly representing the Justified One, who says: "This is my body which I destroy, in order that it may be renewed."

The Mysteries of the Rose Cross are transmitted through this Channel, the Initiation being attended to by "The Hierophant".