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ט Strength
Courage, strength, energy and action, une grande passion; resort to magick, the use of magical power.



The Daughter of the Flaming Sword

The Influence from the Path of Aries, joining Geburah and Tiphereth, passes through the latter and emerges as a channel from Tiphereth to Netzach.

This in the Tarot is the Key called "Strength" and it is attributed to the Sign Leo which is Ruled by the Sun.

The Card shows a Woman closing (or opening) the mouth of a Lion.
This is clearly the Woman of Venus, or Netzach, united with the Lion of the Sun or Tiphereth.
The Ram, or Lamb (another form of Horus) has been sacrificed as a substitute, and passes through the Solar Fire at the "Passover."
In the City of the Sun it may truly be said that "The Lion lies down with the Lamb"; both are aspects of Horus, their paths are seen united in Tiphereth.
This Lion may be called "The Green Lion" where the Path meets Netzach (Emerald Green), and "The Red Lion" as he approaches the Sun.

Again we find symbolism of the Twin Lions of Horus (as later they appear as the twin Sphinxes of the Charioteer).
We see the "Strength" of Geburah, transmitted through the Ram and the Sun, to this Path, where its Animal Nature becomes subdued by the Pure Love of the Woman of Netzach. Thus the Dark tradition becomes purified through this process.