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א The Fool
In spiritual matters, the Fool means idea, thought, spirituality, that which endeavours to transcend earth. In material matters, it may, if badly dignified, mean folly, eccentricity, or even mania. But the essential of this card is that it represents an original, subtle, sudden impulse or impact, coming from a completely strange quarter. All such impulses are right, if rightly received; and the good or ill interpretation of the card depends entirely on the right attitude of the Querent.


The Fool

The Spirit of Air

Thus is this Kingdom supplied with Wisdom and Love, and lastly with Power, for we must finally consider the Path from Yesod to Malkuth, that of the "Pure Fool", and the All-Wandering Air, the Reconciler in all things.

This is the Path of the Crowned Child of the Spirit who is in the Heart of all Humanity when he is brought to birth upon the Earth.
This is the Path of those who follow neither the way of Magick nor of Mysticism, but the "Way of the Tao".
These are the Masters of both Will and Love for they UNCONSCIOUSLY do the Work of the Father. Just as a Child naturally rules over his parents and is able to obtain his slightest desire, without effort, so must all Serve the Crowned Child the Lord of the Aeon.

This Path transmits the Universal Tradition of the Central Pillar-the Pillar of Mildness and Peace. This is the Pathway of the Light to be discovered amid the contending forces and the darkness of matter. This Path of the Holy Spirit of the Sun behind the Sun is that of the Letter Aleph. In it the two A's of the Beginning have become One.

It is the Path of Air, the third Sepharim, or of Speech. But this is the Power of Speech in the Silence, of Harpocrates hidden within Horus.
It is also the true Power, as it is written;

Unity uttermost showed!
I adore the Might of Thy Breath
Supreme and Terrible God
Who makest the Gods and Death
To tremble before Thee,
I, I adore Thee.

This is the Path of IU, Horus-Harpocrates, the Ever Coming One, and of Har-Machis, Horus of the Star, the Opener of the Ways of Eternity.
This is the Path of the Here and Now, transcending those of Time and Space.
This is the Path of Truth, which Is Now, as It Was in the Beginning, and Ever Shall Be, MALKUTH without End.