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א The Fool
In spiritual matters, the Fool means idea, thought, spirituality, that which endeavours to transcend earth. In material matters, it may, if badly dignified, mean folly, eccentricity, or even mania. But the essential of this card is that it represents an original, subtle, sudden impulse or impact, coming from a completely strange quarter. All such impulses are right, if rightly received; and the good or ill interpretation of the card depends entirely on the right attitude of the Querent.


The Fool

The Spirit of Air

Some claim to find a satisfactory explanation of the origin of this letter in that it represents an ox-yoke, or the head of an Ox, the horns forming the top part of the letter. This is highly significant, for the letter when pronounced as Aleph and spelt in full ALPh, means an Ox or Bull, an admirable symbol to denote the generative power of Nature. To Aleph is attributed the Swastika, almost H in shape, or the Thunderbolt of Thor-an excellent glyph to express the concept of the primeval motion of the Great Breath, whirling Chaos into a creative centre.
Aleph partakes of the nature of Kether, and is called" The Scintillating Intelligence".
Hoor-paar-Kraat, the Egyptian Lord of Silence, depicted as holding his finger to his lips, is attributed here; as are Zeus and Jupiter, with particular reference to that aspect of these two gods as elemental portions of Nature. The Hindu attribution is the Maruts (Vayu) having reference to the airy aspect of Aleph, as also do the Valkyries of the Scandinavian Pantheon.
The animal appropriate to Aleph is the Eagle, the king of the birds, since we learn from classical mythology that the Eagle was sacred to Jupiter; whose sacrifices, I may add, generally consisted of bulIs and cows.
Its element is Air, rushing aimlessly hither and thither, always pressing or tending in a downward direction.

Its Tarot trump is O-The Fool, implying just this airy aimlessness of existence. The card depicts a person dressed like a jester bearing over his shoulder a stick, on which hangs a bundle. Before him yawns a gaping precipice, while a little dog yaps at his feet from behind. On his tunic is the design of the premium mobile, which is Spirit. Spiritus is the Latin word meaning Air or breath.

The fan as a magical weapon is attributed to Aleph, having an obvious reference to Air.
Its colour is Sky Blue, its jewels Topaz and Chalcedony, and its perfume Galbanum.