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ת The Universe
The matter of the question itself, synthesis, the end of the matter, may mean delay, opposition, obstinacy, inertia, patience, perseverance, persistent stubbornness in difficulty. The crystallization of the whole matter involved.


The Universe

The Great One of the Night of Time

This letter means a T-shaped Cross.

This Path represents both (a) the lowest dregs of the Astral Plane, to which is attributed Saturn as the great astrological malefic, and (b) the universe in totol, represented by Brahma and Panas, the sum total of all existent in telligences. In the latter category is Gaea or Ge, the personification of the earth. There is also the Norse Vidar, whose name indicates that he is the imperishable nature of the world, likened to the immensity of the indestructible forests, and like the Greek Pan he is the representative of the silent, secret, and peaceful groves. Anderson, again, implies that Vidar is the eternal, wild, original nature, the god of imperishable matter. Saturn, an early Italian god, is an earth deity too, he having taught the people agriculture, suppressed their savagery, and introduced them to civilization.

In connection with (a), however, we have Sebek, the crocodile god, signifying the grossest form of matter, and such correspondences as Assafoetida and all evil odours, and the Hindu Tamo-gunam, the quality of slothfulness and inertia.

Its colour is Black, its plants the Ash and Nightshade, and its Yetsiratic title "The Administrative Intelligence".

The Tarot card is XXI -The World, showing within a flowery wreath a female figure, who has come to be known as the Virgin of the World, giving this Path added significance since it descends upon Malleus, to which the Zohar allocates the final Heh, the Daughter, who is the reflection below of the Shechinah on high. At the four corners of the cards are the four cherubic animals of the Apocalypse; the man, the eagle, the bull, and the lion.